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The Last Word

“The Last Word” for Loose Tubes big band line-up. Genre: modern jazz/reggae. Written with chord charts. Features two improvised solo sections, trombone and tenor sax; notated solos available. Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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Loose Tubes repertoire for big band

For Loose Tubes he wrote ‘Sosbun Brakk’, which was featured on Loose Tubes’ second album Delightful Precipice in 1985 and also on the 2012 Sad Afrika CD, along with ‘Exeter, King of Cities’;  ‘The Last Word’, on their third album Open Letter in 1986 and also on the 2011 Dancing On Frith Street CD. ‘Children’s Game’ is to be featured on the next volume of Ronnie Scott’s live material. In 1990, his orchestral piece, ‘Tin Tin Goes to Hell’, was performed by Loose Tubes and the Docklands Sinfonietta. For the reunion of Loose Tubes 2014 he has been commissioned by the BBC to write a new piece, entitled “Bright Smoke, Cold Fire”.

Loose Tubes

From 1984 to 1991 Eddie was a founder member of Loose Tubes, contributing several classic pieces to the band repertoire. Loose Tubes performed all over Europe, visited the US and Canada and made many TV and radio appearences. The band held several residencies at Ronnie Scott’s Club and also performed at the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in 1987.