Eddie Parker’s Mister Vertigo

Eddie Parker's Mister Vertigo

Eddie Parker’s Mister Vertigo

Eddie Parker’s Mister Vertigo is a sextet consisting of Eddie on flutes and occasional keyboards, Kit Downes on piano and keys, Julian Nicholas on saxes, John Parricelli on guitar, Steve Watts on bass and Mike Pickering, drums. All the music is written by Eddie.

For 15 years or so the pianist in the band was the wonderful Pete Saberton, now sadly departed. But Eddie is delighted that the amazing Mercury Award nominee Kit Downes has now joined the family.

A live album was recorded at the Vortex Jazz Club, London in 2004.

Previously, as the Eddie Parker Group, the band recorded two albums “Transformations of the Lamp” and “Everything You Do To Me”, both on FMR.

In 1999, Eddie Parker’s Mister Vertigo toured Britain, supported by Jazz Services.


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