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jazz, new music and other urgent matters.....

earconnector offers you ways of experiencing new ventures in sound accompanied by thought, feeling and reflection on the processes of musical creativity.

the site is dreamed up and loosely organised by the london-based musicians alex bonney  and hans koller but, needless to say, not tied to a particular place:
enjoy the vistas wherever you may be.

november 2010

i'm finding it hard to find the time to update earconnector these days, so the site will remain up, but as more of an archive than something actively updated. please still enjoy the content on the site!

best wishes - alex

check out a new blog/label oso records

there is a recording of a duo gig of myself and javier carmona available to download as well as lots of other cool stuff


paul clarvis and liam noble's hugely popular recording 'starry starry night' is now available to buy